Concert Preparation: Second Semester

Before the Concert

  • Review the artists and music that the students encountered during the spring semester.
  • Look at SG46 and have students find the artists and genres represented on the map.
    • What do you remember about the artists and their music?
  • Listen to a brief excerpt by each of the artists on the Musical Explorers CD or online audio.
  • Melody will drive each of the artists from their hometowns to the Savannah Music Festival and the Lucas Theatre for the Arts. Have students complete the maze activity on SG47.
  • As a class, brainstorm and write down some questions students can think about during the concert. Save the questions for use after the concert.
  • Brainstorm with students how to be active listeners, enthusiastic performers, and successful audience members during the concert. Remind students about appropriate concert etiquette for each genre of music.
  • Divide the class in half, with one half acting as performers and the other half acting as audience members for a song from Musical Explorers. Facilitate a reflective discussion with students about how each group did. Invite the groups to share one aspect of what they liked and one thing that could be improved for themselves and the other group. Perform another song, switching so that the students take on the opposite role. Repeat the reflection.

After the Concert

  • Look at the questions you brainstormed before the concert. Have the students try to answer the questions after attending the performance.
  • After the concert, ask students to draw a picture of a favorite moment (SG48) and write a letter to their favorite artist (SG49). Share these letters with J.J., Harry, and Jeffery c/o Savannah Music Festival, 200 East Saint Julian Street, Suite 601, Savannah, Georgia 31401 or


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