Country Music Unit Music Assessment

Improvising with Our Voices

Materials Needed



1. Encourage students to “put on their singing voices” and have sung conversations, promoting the idea of musical questions and answers.

2. Sing an initial question, prompting students to take turns singing an answer.

Suggested themes:

  • Conversational themes with questions and answers (from speaking to singing)
  • Creating a sung story
  • Nonsense syllables in a song (e.g., students create their own question and answer scatting using any neutral syllables)

Improvising Singing Examples

Conversational Themes

Question: “Hello. How are you today?” Answer: “I am feeling__________________ .”

Question: “What’s your name?” Answer: “My name is___________________ .”

Question: “What will you eat for lunch today?” Answer: “I will eat______________________ .”

Creating a Sung Story

Question: “Once upon a time, in a land far away …” Answer: “lived a _______ and a _________and they_________ all day.”

Nonsense Syllables Song / Scatting

Question: “Zoo dwa dee daa?” Answer: “Do bee dee bop bop bop!”

Assessment Rubric


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