Musical Theater Unit Music Assessment:

Moving Melodies (Pitch)

Materials Needed

Various song recordings, paper, writing/coloring utensils, rhythm sticks


1. Practice singing high and low pitches through call and response.

2. Practice tracing the shapes of the melodies with your finger in the air and/or rhythm stick.

3. Drawing the examples below on a board, have students trace each melodic line with their finger and/or rhythm stick and sing the changes in high and low pitches.

4. Sing or play different song recordings with a variety of highs, lows, and melodic directions.
Have students trace the melody in the air as they listen or sing along.

5. Using writing/coloring utensils, have students trace the melody they hear or sing along to on paper as you sing or play different song recordings.

Melodic Examples

Assessment Rubric


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