Unit 4: Musical Theater with J.J.

Melody now takes us on a journey from the Trustees Theater to Port Wentworth, Georgia to meet our next singer, J.J. Use SG27 – 33 to meet J.J. and prepare your students to learn about Musical Theater.

Genre Overview

The songs in this unit are part of the larger performing arts genre of Musical Theater. Musical theater also known simply as “musicals” include songs, dances, costumes, and sets. While most of the story takes place while the actors are speaking their lines, the emotional content of the story is communicated through song.

Since musical theater songs are part of a larger theatrical performance, it is appropriate for the audience to sit quietly and listen. However, even though the songs are part of a larger story, the audience is still expected to clap after each song!


Meet J.J. Video

Teacher Resources


Listening and Viewing:

Additional Teaching Resources:

  • The Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge is a searchable database of arts-integrated lessons in all fields, including music and theater: artsedge.kennedycenter.org/educators
  • Drama Notebook is an inexpensive subscription-based site that has dozens of theater lesson plans for elementary students: dramanotebook.com


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