Unit 6: Zydeco Music with Jeffery

Melody will now take us to Opelousas, Louisiana to meet our final artist, Jeffery. Use SG 40–42 to meet Jeffery and prepare your students to learn about zydeco.

Genre Overview

Zydeco is music that comes from the rural Creole people of southwest Louisiana. The Creole people are descendants of the Native Americans who originally lived in Louisiana, and of the Haitian, African, French, and Spanish people who came to settle there. The Creole people often sang in their own language known as Louisiana Creole French. Zydeco was born in the 1960s by combining traditional Cajun music with blues and R&B. Zydeco was originally created at house dances, where families and friends gathered for socializing. The music integrated several dance styles including waltz, shuffles, and two-steps.

Zydeco is party music! Your students should feel free to dance and have a good time!


Meet Jeffery Video


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Additional Teaching Resources:

Zydeco artist Terrance Simien has developed an extensive curriculum related to Cajun and zydeco music: terrancesimien.com/creole-for-kidz


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