Unit 2: Country with Anders

Melody will take us on a journey from Nicholls, Georgia to Bloomingdale, Georgia to meet our next singer, Anders. Use SG14, SG15, and SG16 to meet Anders and prepare your students to learn about country.

Genre Overview

Country music came to prominence in the southern United States in the 1920s with the advent of commercial radio. This new technology meant that the music people played, sang, and wrote for their own entertainment could be broadcast to a larger population. Radio broadcasts, such as the Grand Ole Opry, which began in 1925 and is still being broadcast today, have been a large contributor to country music’s popularity. The Grand Ole Opry is what makes Nashville the “Home of Country Music,” whereas Bristol, Tennessee is considered to be the “Birthplace of Country Music,” based on the Bristol recording sessions in 1927 that made artists like Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family famous across the nation. 

Country has roots in blues and the folk music of southern Appalachia. Some music historians have broken down country music into generations as it evolves with influences from past musicians and popular culture. Some of the descriptors and influences in past generations include barn-dance and the singing cowboy, mountaineer and bluegrass, and stadium country. Country music continues to be influenced by other genres including pop, rock n’ roll, R&B, and hip hop. 

Meet Anders Thomsen

My name is Anders! I play guitar and sing, mostly country, but I like blues and rock-n-roll too. I started when I was 12 years old. When I was 14 I started to play professionally. I still had to go to school though, so I only played part-time. I love playing music because it makes people happy and that makes me happy! I have played in lots of places and I hope I get to keep doing it for a long time. And I hope you get to play some music so we can make each other happy. 

Lesson 1: Learning “Five Feet High and Rising”

Students are introduced to a country music ballad and recognize how modulation between verses is used to visualize lyrics in “Five Feet High and Rising.” 
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Lesson 2: Learning “Beauty and Magic”

Students learn “Beauty and Magic,” explore the differences between two versions of the song and analyze the meaning of the lyrics. 
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Additional Teaching Resources:

Unit 2: PDF Downloads

SG14 – Let’s Explore Country! ↓ Download File
SG15 – Meet Anders ↓ Download File
SG16 – We asked Anders… ↓ Download File
SG17 – Create a Scene With Music ↓ Download File
SG18 – Decorate Your Own Guitar ↓ Download File
SG19 – Write Your Own Lyrics ↓ Download File

Unit 2: Audio Tracks

Track 06 – Five Feet High and Rising

Track 07 – Beauty and Magic (Version 1)

Track 08 – Beauty and Magic (Instrumental)

Track 09 – Beauty and Magic (Version 2)

Lesson 1: Learning “Five Feet High and Rising” →