Concert Experience Fall 2022

Review the three artists and their music.

  • Look at SG 6–7 and have students find the countries or regions represented on the map.
    • What do you remember about the artists and their music?
  • Listen to each song.
  • Brainstorm with students about how to be active listeners, enthusiastic performers, and successful audience members during the concert.

Prepare for surprise songs.

  • During the concert, each of the artists will sing a surprise song that the students have not heard or studied. These songs are selected to complement the two songs in the curriculum and to provide
  • students with an active listening experience as they encounter new music for the first time in a
  • concert setting. 
  • Explain to students that they are in for some exciting surprises during the concert because there will be three songs that they have never heard before.
  • Ask students to guess what the surprise songs by each artist will be like.
    • Will they be fast or slow? Quiet or loud? 
    • Will there be movement or dancing?
  • Explain that you will be seeing how much they remember about the surprise songs after the concert.

Get ready for your concert using SG 22.

After the Concert

  • Discuss the overall concert experience.
  • Discuss the surprise songs. 
    • What surprise songs do you remember? 
    • What do you remember about these songs? Were they slow or fast, long or short?
    • Was there movement to do? Was there any part that you sang along with?
    • Which was your favorite surprise song and why?
  • Reflect on your concert experience by completing the activities on SG 23SG 24
  • Share your students’ reflections by emailing them to