Lesson 2: Learning “Bonsoir Moreau”

Aim: How can we explore steady beat in triple meter with Cajun music?
Summary: Students learn to sing and dance in triple meter along to “Bonsoir Moreau” while building vocabulary to describe Cajun music.
Materials: Musical Explorers CD or online audio
Time Required: 30 minutes (three 10-minute activities)
Standards: GA MK-2GM.1, MK-2GM.4, MK-2GM.6, MK-2GM.7, MK-2GM.8, MK-2GM.9, MK-2GM.10
SC: MGK-2.1, MGK-2.4, MGK-2.5, MGK-2.6
Vocabulary: waltz

Sing “Bonsoir Moreau”

  • Listen to “Bonsoir Moreau” ( Track 12).
  • Sing along to the first verse ( Track 13) on “la.”
  • Read the English translation to your students.
  • Listen to Megan speak the French lyrics ( Track 14).

    Practice saying the lyrics with Megan.
  • Listen again and encourage students to try to sing along and tap the steady beat on their body along to the entire song.


Bonsoir Moreau

O, bonsoir Moreau,
O, bonsoir Moreau
O, c’est l’heure pour moi, je m’en vas
Bonsoir Moreau, bonsoir Moreau

On a eu ici un bon temps,
Un bon temps toute la nuit
O, c’est l’heure pour moi, je m’en vas
Bonsoir Moreau, bonsoir Moreau

O, la lune après se coucher,
Et le soleil après se lever
Et caillette est pas tirée
Bonsoir Moreau, bonsoir Moreau

Goodnight Moreau,
Goodnight Moreau
I know it’s time for me to go
Goodnight Moreau, goodnight Moreau

We have a good time here
A good time all night long
I know it’s time for me to leave
Goodnight Moreau, goodnight Moreau

The moon is setting
The sun is rising
And my cow isn’t milked
Goodnight Moreau, goodnight Moreau

Explore Meter in “Bonsoir Moreau”

  • Review the concept of meter from Lesson 1 (“Two Step des Yeux Bleus”).
  • “Bonsoir Moreau” has beats that are in groups of 3. We call this triple meter.
  • “Bonsoir Moreau” is a waltz. A waltz is a type of dance that is in triple meter. The beats feel like this: STRONG-weak-weak, STRONG-weak-weak.
  • Listen to “Bonsoir Moreau” and sway left and right on the strong beats.
    • Can you tap your legs on the weak beats?
  • Encourage students to create a movement that can be performed on the strong beat of each beat group. Share movements and perform.


Sing and Dance “Bonsoir Moreau”

  • Using SG15, teach your students the waltz. How is the waltz different from the two-step?
  • Play “Bonsoir Moreau” and encourage students to move in place with the music. After they learn to do it alone, group students in pairs and practice the waltz. Modifications can include performing dance as a class in a circle. If successful, choose the best pair to perform for the class.


Musical Word Wall

Add the words waltz to the Musical Word Wall.


PDF Downloads

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