Unit 3: Musical Theatre with J.J. – Do-Re-Mi Accordion Book

Project Overview:

In this project, students will create an accordion book/wall chart that features the solfège symbols and syllables featured in the musical scale and the song “Do-Re-Mi” from the musical The Sound of Music. The book/wall chart will give students a visual aid for understanding the concept of pitch. Students will illustrate each solfège syllable as it is described in the song “Do-Re-Mi.” Their illustrations can be assembled into an accordion book or wall chart that acts as a reminder for the major scale. This project gives students an opportunity to experience a fun way to remember things!

Vocabulary from the Musical Word Wall: pitch, musical, solfège, major scale, high/low

Materials You Will Need:

  • Solfège Symbol Sheets (see enclosed)
  • markers
  • crayons
  • color pencils
  • collage materials
  • glue sticks
  • clear tape
  • Musical Explorers CD or online audio



This project can be completed in one hour long session or two 30 minute sessions. Prep and finishing time required.


Session One

Step 1 (prep): Print out the enclosed/attached solfege symbol packet for each of your students. Fold each sheet in half, to create a folio. For the smoothest process, sort the sheets in piles for each set of notes, so that you can have the whole class work on the same things at the same time.



  • When we listen to J.J singing Do Re Mi, we are hearing a fun way to remember the musical scale. Let’s make a chart that helps us remember the solfège symbols and syllables for each pitch in the major scale.
  • Let’s listen to the song “Do-Re-Mi” and imagine the picture that goes with each solfège sound.
    Do = a deer
    Re = the sun
    Mi = a name I call myself (a picture of YOU)
    Fa = a long way to run
    Sol = a needle pulling thread
    La = what comes after sol
    Ti = a drink with jam and bread

Step 2: Pass out the folios with the Do & Re images, ask the students to illustrate each page based on the imagery from the song. As students complete the first two pages, pass out the folio with the Mi and Fa images, then the Sol and La pages, and lastly the folio with the Ti images. Depending on how you divide the project up, this process may run into a second class session.
Session Two

Step 1: Give students time to complete the drawings for each solfege symbol.

Step 2: Using clear tape, connect each student’s folios together to create a wall chart or accordion book. This completes the Do-Re-Mi Accordion Book project!