Lesson 1: Becoming a Musical Explorer

Aim: What can Musical Explorers do?
Summary: Students identify themselves as explorers of the Lowcountry’s music.
Materials: Musical Explorers CD or online audio
Time Required: 40 minutes (two 20-minute activities)
Standards: GA: MK-2GM.1, MK-2GM.4, MK-2GM.6, MK-2GM.8, MK-2GM.9, MK-2GM.10
SC: MGK-2.1, MGK-2.4, MGK-2.5, MGK-2.6
Vocabulary: explorer, opposite

Introduce the “Musical Explorers Song”

  • Introduce Melody on SG1.
    • Where is our school on this map?
    • As we explore our region, what kinds of music do you think we might find?
  • Introduce students to the Musical Explorers program by singing the “Musical Explorers Song” (cdicon_22px Track 1)
  • Learn the “Musical Explorers Song” sign language, SG3.

Explore Musical Opposites

  • This year, students will explore musical opposites.
    • What is an opposite? Where do we find opposites? 
  • Collect words and ideas that students associate with opposites, such as hot and cold, full and emptybig and smallday and night, and tall and short.
  • Create a class definition for the word opposite.
    • What are some things that are different, but not exactly opposites?
    • How do we know when something is an opposite and not just different? 
    • This year, we will explore opposites that we hear in music. What musical opposites do you think we might hear?

Musical Word Wall

Add the words explorer and opposite to the Musical Word Wall.

PDF Downloads

SG1 ↓ Download File

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Musical Explorers Audio Tracks