Lesson 2: Exploring “Das Veilchen”

Aim: How can we recognize different emotions while listening to “Das Veilchen?”
Summary: Students explore “Das Veilchen” while exploring emotions and mood through lyrics and music.
Materials: Musical Explorers CD or online audio, pencils, crayons or markers
Time Required: 30 minutes (three 10-minute activities)
Standards: GA: MGMK-2.1, MGMK-2.6, MGMK-2.8, MGMK-2.9
SC: MGK-2.1, MGK-2.4, MGK-2.5, MGK-2.6
Vocabulary: emotions, mood


Listen to “Das Veilchen”

  • Listen to “Das Veilchen,”  cdicon_22px Track 36.


Explore Emotions and Mood in “Das Veilchen”

  • This song is about a violet who experiences many different emotions, or feelings. The story is told in three verses.
  • Read the English lyrics aloud to your students.
  • Ask your students to name two different emotions that the violet might be feeling. Write the emotions on chart paper or on the board.
    • In music, we use the term mood to describe the emotion or feeling created by the music.
  • Listen to the verses separately and ask students to describe the mood of each verse. Write on chart paper or on the board, and compare with the emotions of the lyrics.
    • Verse 1, cdicon_22px Track 37
    • Verse 2, cdicon_22px Track 38
    • Verse 3, cdicon_22px Track 39
  • Listen to the song again and ask your students to choose an emotion or mood to illustrate on SG37. When students have completed this activity, they can sign and fill in their passports for Austria!


Das Veilchen

Verse 1:

A little violet stood in the meadow
He was humble, demure and good
He was the sweetest violet!
A young shepherdess came along
She was happy and skipping
She came through the meadow
and sang a song.

Verse 2:

“Oh!” thought the violet.
“If only I was the most beautiful flower
in all of nature!
Ah, I just have that one tiny wish!
Then that shepherdess would pick
me from the field
And pin me to her dress
That would be so wonderful,
If only for just a quarter of an hour!”

Verse 3:

Oh, but then! The maiden came
And she didn’t even look at the violet.
She stepped on him!
He sank and died, but he was happy:
“And so I die, but I die for her!
Under her feet.”
The poor little violet!
He was the sweetest violet.


Musical Word Wall

Add the words emotions and mood to the Musical Word Wall.


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