Salsa Music

Learn about Salsa Music
with Ms Gastin and Gino

Watch Gino perform “El Manisero”

Listen to Gino sing “El Manisero”

Meet Gino and learn how to dance Salsa

Learn the Basic Sidestep in 2/3 Clave

  • Starting on your right foot, step to your right.
  • Bring your left foot together with your right foot.
  • Step out again with your right foot.
  • Touch your left heel in front of you.
  • Repeat this pattern on the left side, and add circular arm motions with the music.


PDF Downloads from the Activity Book

Let’s Explore Salsa ↓ Download File
Meet Gino ↓ Download File
We asked Gino… ↓ Download File
Color in the Salsa Instruments ↓ Download File

Listen to more Salsa on Spotify