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Unit 3: Salsa with Gino

Melody now takes us on a journey from Bloomingdale, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina to meet our next singer, Gino. Use SG20, SG21, and SG22 to meet Gino and prepare your students to learn about salsa.  Genre Overview Salsa is the name given to Afro-Cuban dance music as it is played in the United States….

Lesson 1: Learning “El Manisero”

Aim: What is the clave rhythm and where can we find it in “El Manisero?” Summary: Students learn to clap a basic clave pattern and sing the chorus of “El Manisero.” Materials: Music Explorers online audioStandards: GA: ESGMK-2.CR.1, ESGMK-2.CR.2, ESGMK-2.CR.3, ESGMK-2.PR.1, ESGMK-2.RE.1, ESGMK-2.RE.3, ESGMK-2.CN.2 SC: GM.CR.NL-AH.1, GM.CR.NL-AH.2, GM.PR.NL-AH.3, GM.RE.NL-AH.6, GM.CN.NL-AH.8 Vocabulary: clave rhythm, claves, coro, salsaSee Glossary → Sing…

Lesson 2: Exploring “Vamanos pa’l Monte”

Aim: What rhythmic and melodic patterns can we hear played on instruments in “Vamanos pa’l Monte?” Summary: Students learn to identify salsa instrumental patterns in “Vamanos pa’l Monte.” Materials: Music Explorers online audioStandards: GA: ESGMK-2.PR.1, ESGMK-2.RE.1, ESGMK-2.RE.3, ESGMK-2.CN.2 SC: GM.PR.NL-AH.3, GM.RE.NL-AH.6, GM.RE.NL-AH.7, GM.CN.NL-AH.8 Vocabulary: cascara, guajeo, tumbaoSee Glossary → Sing “Vamanos pa’l Monte” Listen to “Vamanos pa’l Monte,” Track…