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Unit 5: Irish Music with Harry

Find Harry’s Hometown Melody will now take us on a journey from Brevard, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia to meet our next singer, Harry. Use SG30 and help students do the following: Locate Shannon in Brevard, North Carolina. Locate Harry in Savannah, Georgia. Complete the activity.   PDF Downloads SG30 ↓ Download File

Lesson 1: Learning “O’ro the Rattlin’ Bog”

Aim: How can we explore fast and slow tempos in “O’ro the Rattlin’ Bog?” Summary: Students learn to sing and move along to “O’ro the Rattlin’ Bog” while building vocabulary to describe musical opposites. Materials: Musical Explorers CD or online audio, markers or crayons Time required: 40 minutes (four 10-minute activities) Standards: MK-2GM.1, MK-2GM.6, MK-2GM.7,…

Lesson 2: Exploring “Goodbye to Jenny”

Aim: How can we explore musical and emotional opposites in “Goodbye to Jenny?” Summary: Students learn “Goodbye to Jenny” by exploring musical and emotional opposites. Materials: Musical Explorers CD or online audio, chart paper, markers Time Required: 30 minutes (three 10-minute activities) Standards: GA: MK-2GM.1, MK-2GM.6, MK-2GM.7, MK-2GM.8, MK-2GM.9, MK-2GM.10 SC: MGK-2.1, MGK-2.4, MGK-2.5, MGK-2.6…