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Welcome to Musical Explorers! 

This year, your student is taking an exciting musical journey. Musical Explorers is designed to connect students in grades K–2 to the musical community of the Georgia and South Carolina Lowcountry as they build fundamental music skills through listening, singing, and moving to songs from a wide variety of musical styles. In the coming year, your Musical Explorer will meet artists who represent six different musical genres and cultural traditions. Each semester culminates in a live concert where Explorers sing and dance with the artists they have heard in the classroom. In spring 2019, students are exploring musical theater, music of Ireland, and zydeco.

Please visit any of our unit pages (under Teacher Resources) to learn more about the artists and their music. 
You can be a part of Musical Explorers! Below are some ideas for continuing the journey at home:


Talk about music and community with your student!


Here are some questions to start a discussion:

Who is a part of our community? Where do we hear music in our community?

Have you learned any dances in Musical Explorers? Can you teach them to me?

When are your favorite times to sing and dance? 

How do you make music together in your class and in your school?

What was your favorite part of the concert in December? Who was your favorite artist (Yacouba, Laiken, Anders, Melody)?

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Musical Explorers concert? What song are you most excited to see in person?


Read more about music (with your student)! 


Below are some books you can read with your student that are connected with our fall curriculum:


Learn more about music (on your own)!


Here are some resources that will help you learn more about the music your student is studying this fall:

Musical Theater:

Music of Ireland:

Music of Mali:


Listen to more music!


Check out more parent- and kid-friendly soul, country, and Malian music on our Spotify playlist and the live broadcasts from Savannah Music Festival’s radio archives:

Spotify playlists

Soul Music

Country Music

Music of Mali