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Teacher Guide Fall 2020

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Student Guide Pages

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↓ SG1 Welcome to Our Musical Trip! Introduction
↓ SG2 Musical Explorers World Map Introduction
↓ SG3 Musical Explorers World Map Introduction
↓ SG4 Explore the Sounds of Our City Introduction
↓ SG5 Discover Music in Everyday Objects Introduction
↓ SG6 Create a Postcard Introduction
↓ SG7 Musical Explorers Song Introduction
↓ SG8 Let’s Explore Music of India! Music of India
↓ SG9 Meet Falu! Music of India
↓ SG10 We asked Falu… Music of India
↓ SG11 My Paisley Design Music of India
↓ SG12 Instruments from India Music of India
↓ SG13 Let’s Explore Cumbia! Cumbia
↓ SG14 Meet Gregorio! Cumbia
↓ SG15 We asked Gregorio… Cumbia
↓ SG16 Colombian Instruments Cumbia
↓ SG17 Imagine “El Pescador” Cumbia
↓ SG18 Compose Your Own Dance Rhythm Cumbia
↓ SG19 Let’s Explore Calypso! Calypso
↓ SG20 Meet Etienne! Calypso
↓ SG21 We asked Etienne… Calypso
↓ SG22 Explore the Steel Pan Calypso
↓ SG23 Calypso Rhymes Calypso
↓ SG24 What Kinds of Music Have We Learned About? Concert Experience
↓ SG25 Create your Own Passport! Concert Experience
↓ SG26 Create your Own Passport! Concert Experience
↓ SG27 Draw a Picture of Your Favorite Moment From the Concert! Concert Experience
↓ SG28 Who Is Your Favorite Artist? Concert Experience